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Welcome Field Analysts,
The Department appreciates your curiosity regarding 'Lost Forms' and their heterogeneous manifestations. We have been working tirelessly to Index, Research and Theorize about the nature of these mysterious forms and why they sometimes feel sad. 
The Department of Lost Forms [D.O.L.F] are the leading researchers into Lost Forms. Though it may be extremely coincidental that we are documenting the exact moment these forms arrive in public space, under the stars, we are but humble capturers of a nebulous Other, we couldn't tell you how these things spontaneously appear...
If you happen to see someone putting up such Forms, it is more likely one of our Field Analysts or operatives like Flathead, who are checking ratios, exploring tectonics of the particular Lost Form and absorbing crucial phenomenological data but has definitely not just placed it there illegally or done anything risqué whatsoever.

If you have acquired a Lost Form or wish to make a complaint, please, Contact us.

Kindest Regards,

The Director 


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