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Lost Form Analysts Variant-06.png


What is a Lost Form? 'To answer that, first we must answer, what is a gesture without a meaning?'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-02.png

Anger Management

What is a Lost Form? 'I thought it was a valuable cryptocurrency. It isn’t.'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-2-05.png

Lil Spaghetto

What is a Lost Form? 'Should you be asking-What *isn't* a Lost Form?'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-2-03.png

The Rookie

What is a Lost Form? 'If we knew that I wouldn't 'ave a job ey... but I fink it's pretty important and all that for the colony'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-07.png

Field Analysts

There are a growing number of field analysts that are helping with the acquisition, indexing, research and theorization of Lost Forms. All of these bright individuals are acting under the direction of the Director of the Department of Lost Forms. Little is known about the Director, however they have been said to be quite whacky.

The Director

What is a Lost Form? 

'Why would you ask such a silly question?'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-04.png


What is a Lost Form? 'It's a fridge'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-01.png

Señor Bug

What is a Lost Form? 'A tiny house that's meant for bugs to live in'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-2-01.png

Schnitzel Von Dumb

What is a Lost Form? 'A forgotten norm to restrict creativity?'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-2-02.png
Lost Form Analysts Variant-03.png

La Rouletista🔫

What is a Lost Form? 'Familiar 🤔'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-05.png


What is a Lost Form? 

'The common man would call it a structure...the wanderer would call it an idea'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-2-04.png


What is a Lost Form? 'a form that is lost'

Lost Form Analysts Variant-2-06.png


What is a Lost Form? 'An artefact symbolising not only the society in which it currently exists but also the change that society is hungry for'


What is a Lost Form? 'The answer is not quite “what” but also a who, where and when.
Who is a lost form?
Where is a lost form?
When is a lost form?
With internal journey and super-nautical journeys one can answer these questions of a lost form.

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